underneath The Wise Turtle (turil) wrote in thequestionclub,
underneath The Wise Turtle

Open source economics? Meritocracy? Equal trade? Help!

I'm wondering if there is already a name for a type of economy that is focused on win-win exchanges. My idea is that people would pay the amount that they believe a product or service is worth, rather than some arbitrary fixed price. Bartering is sort of what I'm talking about, but I'm also thinking of something like a satisfaction guarantee, as well as something akin to shareware (where you get something for free and then pay what you want and/or can afford).

I'm also looking for a name for an economic model that is based on a bottom line of health for both the individual and the world. (And by health, I mean physical and mental health.)

Any ideas? I'm absolutely clueless when it comes to economics, as I've avoided the subject for all my life. But now I'm wondering about these things and have no idea where to start researching them.

Thanks TQC!

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