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Passive aggressive people suck.

If someone (a neighbor) has a problem with you but refuses to come and talk to you about it, choosing instead to leave snarky anonymous notes on your door, how do (or would) you respond?

I came home tonight to a note telling me to stop my dogs from barking "at 6am, 12 noon, and 9pm for 20 minutes at a stretch."


Since my dogs don't even go outside until 6:30am and are generally back inside at or before 8pm, I'm at a loss to see how this person can even be sure that its my dogs barking. I live in an area where almost everyone has dogs, they are all outside dogs, and they all bark pretty much 24/7.

Yes, I do have my dogs outside while I'm at work- I have no choice. They cannot be left inside because then they DO bark and tear up my trailer (they have some anxiety issues). And yes, they do bark when people walk by- as do all the other dogs in the compound. I'm listening to a few dogs barking as I'm typing, in fact.

So.. do I ignore this person? Lock my gate so they can't come in my yard?

What would you do?
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