Liv (0livia) wrote in thequestionclub,

Hey guys,

So, for my final project in my Documentation Project Management class, I have to do a presentation outlining (surprise, suprise) documentation project management.

Basically, the main themes of documentation project management are: Document outlines, proposals, schedules, budgets, contracts, copyrights, delegating tasks to different team members, managing personnel, monitoring progress, revision, translation, delivering copies of the finished product, etc. We pretty much have alot of creative room, as long as it's somehow related to one of those things.

Examples that the teacher gave us from past presentations: Technical documentation in the Bible (showing how the Bible has been revised over the decades, and the reasons for the revisions) and Shakespeare (showing how his works were translated.)

I need to think of something super creative, that has anything to do with the themes above. I'm completely stumped.. I thought I was onto something involving talking about how lyrics are "revised" in a way, when another artist covers the song. But I really don't think I can talk my way through that for 5 minutes... My friend has this idea about how menus are "revised" when the menu items are updated, but that's pretty dull.

Any ideas? I have two weeks before this is due, so if you have an idea that involves lots of research, I have time.

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