Katie (kaethe) wrote in thequestionclub,

Gift-giving questions

Okay, TCQ, here's the situation. I have a friend who is visiting my state from Canada. She's going to be close enough that I can drive up and spent part of Saturday with her. She's traveling with a couple (as in husband and wife) who are friends of hers, but whom I have never met. I was thinking (um, just this evening, proving yet again that I'm socially slow) that it might be nice to give my friend a little "welcome" gift, something that is Texas-y, at least in the sense that it's from here and she couldn't get it elsewhere. There's a berry farm that I could stop at tomorrow that has various types of preserves, relishes, etc. that are made from their own produce or produce grown on other local farms.

1. Would getting my friend a gift in general seem like a weird thing, or would it be as welcoming as I would hope? (Seriously, socially slow here.)
2. Would a jar of preserves or something similar make a good gift if you said "welcoming" to #1, or should I go for something else? Please leave ideas for the "something else".
3. Given that we're talking about a glass jar here of food-type stuff, is that going to be a problem for her flying back to Canada, either from Customs or from air pressure causing the jar to explode? Should I wrap it in a lovely Zip-loc gift wrap so as to confine any potential leakage?
4. Would you also give something to the friends of a friend that you'd never met, assuming you'd give something to the friend in the first place?
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