Poncyprincess (teencrumpets) wrote in thequestionclub,

I'm visiting my best friend this week (she lives out of state) and I'll be staying with her and her family.  I want to get her family a gift to thank them for putting up with me for a week and a half but I have no idea what to get them.  Any general gift ideas?  My friend, who is turning 16 is the youngest of two, so it'd have to be kind of a more adult thing maybe?

Also can you block numbers from texting you on your cell phone?  My goggle searches say no, but my friend's boyfriend keeps telling me how awful I am via texts and won't stop.

EDIT: Sorry I have TMobile!  I meant to put that!  Thanks so much I love you all!

Thanks for all that!  And now....what's your favorite cheesy pickup line?

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