Yessir (vonlisbon) wrote in thequestionclub,

Random advice

What are some really random pieces of advice/tips that have been shared with you during your life?

[EDIT] Okay for clarification I don't mean deep spiritual awesome meaningful useful things (no I did not use a single piece of punctuation between those words). I mean, well, like the examples I gave.

1. Lighter fluid and Lysol will clean a paperback book better than anything else. (via my boss/personal experience during my time working in a used bookstore)

2. If you're going to cook chicken, buy a whole chicken. If a chicken is sold as only thighs, only wings, only breast, etc.. there's a good reason you aren't seeing the rest of that chicken. (via a former coworker who used to work in a poultry plant so no I can't swear it's 110% true but I trust him so :/)
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