Sabrina (mylittlepeony) wrote in thequestionclub,

My brother's wedding is next weekend and I'll be taking the photos. I have very thick, long hair, and the wedding is outside, so I want to get my hair done up so that I'm not all extra hot running around with hair on my neck and forehead. I also won't be dressed as formally as I would be if I were just attending the wedding, or part of the bridal party, so a prom kind of up 'do would look kind of silly with my outfit. But those are the only kind of websites I can find - sites with prom/formal/wedding up 'dos.

Do you know of any websites that have good photos (as in it shows the hairstyle in a way that would make it easy for a hairdresser to replicate) of up 'dos for any occasion, or am I better off forking over a little pocket change for a hairstyle magazine? If the latter, any magazine (that is easily obtainable in the US) that you'd recommend?

Thanks! :)
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