x (roaring) wrote in thequestionclub,

What do you do about a parent who is more immature than you? How do you deal?

e.g. My mother can hardly write or read and doesn't think she needs school (she didn't even finish high school), yet wants to run a business. She can't balance a checkbook. She drives terrible. She lets the fact that she smokes run her life (she refuses to go to places that have no smoking... for example, I'm going to be working at Disney World soon, but she'll refuse to see me because smoking isn't allowed at all there). I lose something, she'll go on about how "she fucking knew I'd lose that, she should have kept it, I'm so fucking irresponsible and will never amount to anything," etc., but when she loses something she'll complain about how she has too much on her mind and just can't handle thinking about things. Like she just lost my driving lessons schedule. What else? She just never takes the blame for everything, it's always somebody else's (mostly my) fault. Not even going to get into what happens when her and alcohol mix.

Hoooowwww do you deal with that.
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