Kathy Santoni (ninaner) wrote in thequestionclub,
Kathy Santoni

I'm a receptionist and my office is really relaxed and let me do whatever I want. The thing is corporate has basically blocked off all websites that has to do with any means of entertainment. I can't even get on livejournal. I'm not asking for proxies because I've done everything to get around this and I've given up. Besides my job [which is very easy], all I do is play solitare and read stories on crimelibrary.

However today everyone left for a company event & I'm here by myself. Reading so many stories on crimelibrary has me paranoid as hell. This office is huge and I'm already scared so I can't read anymore stories and that was my only means of entertainment [solitare gets old after you've won for the millionth time].

Can you guys please link me to things that are interesting to read and/or ways to entertain myself? I am here for another 3 hrs and I need something to get my mind off all the creepy little noises...

Thanks in advance! Oh, and the reason I can post this is because I'm on my sidekick. I can't really use it to go on websites though because it takes too long to load. :/
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