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Continued from previous post...

So we talked it over and stuff. And we talked about lots of other things ranging from sex to theatre to philosophy and the Red Sox.

I told her that we should tame our libidos a bit, and let up on the whole sex deal, she agreed, but seemed that she'd still wanna jump my bones next time we meet,  and knowing her seems very plausible.

So what should I say to kinda say no, but not  hurt her in anyway? Or, alternatively, How can I elude her wily, sexy, and womanly charms and remember that we are taming out libidos, not letting them run rampant...

Also, for those who dont bother with cuts...

1) When was the latest you ever heard of someone switching a major in college and still graduating on time (in 4 years)

2)Are there any Dominos Cheesy bread enthusiasts here?

3) Pick one: pirates, ninja, zombies, shinigami, or bishoujo/nen
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