Kwisten (dieindaydreams) wrote in thequestionclub,

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i hate being bored to the shizzay

I'm bored...
and i'm gonna be bored tomorrow...
can you give me something to do tomorrow??
any ideas??

and an actual question:
next year i'll be doing a Senior Exit Project = research paper + visual/product + presentation
i'm all about nutrition and intend on majoring in it in college.
what would be a good nutritional topic?

and a random thought:
ya know how when you're on a date at the movies or something.
and your snuggling with your date
and your cheeks are probably touching each other's...?
well at the moment do you ever realize that when you swallow your saliva it sounds really loud?
does anyone know if it can actually be heard?
and if you've been in that position do you try not to swallow?
(wow that last line sounds dirty...)

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