longlongwaytogo (longlongwaytogo) wrote in thequestionclub,

Comm Recs?

So, I'm a bit bored, and looking  for some cool but not often recommended comms.

My questions therefore are:
1 What are your favourite two or three comms that are not often recommended here? (since last time this was asked, the same three kept coming up...)
2 And, what are your favourite say, top 5 overall? (excluding any you mentioned above) And what are they all for?
3 How many comms are you a member of?
 4How do you find them, and what makes you want to join?
5. What really quiet comm would you like to see get more action?

My answers:
heard_of_it a comm for people to talk about more obscure/less mainstream 'fandoms' (where 'fandom' means anything from simply discussing it, to writing fanfics, to dressing up, or whatever), and to 'convert' people to their own.
fregg_love for people who love Simon  Pegg and Nick Frost, and people who write slash for the characters they play.
weepingcock for paying out badly written sex scenes.

2. Overall...
fanficrants where people rant about various things in fanfiction
fandomsecrets it's like LJsecrets or postsecrets, but it's for secrets  only about fandom related stuff.
tv_australia for Australians to talk about tv related stuff.
mac_hearts_pc bunch of people who slash the characters from the Mac ads where Mac and PC are both humans
_unsent_ letters that will never be sent.

3. Far too many. About 50?
4. I find them through the search function, or through friends. I want to join when they've got nice people on it, and if the topic interests me or can help me.
5.pagansfandom okay, no one's going to get this at all. But, it's a fan group for the books by Catherine Jinks about  a character called Pagan, set in the 1190s during the Crusades. Few people have heard of the books. The owner of the comm created it ages ago, and I happened to find it, but there's only one post there so far. It'd be really cool if she could find more fans  and we could all go and post about it on there...

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