for you bouquets & ribbon'd wreaths (foryoubouquets) wrote in thequestionclub,
for you bouquets & ribbon'd wreaths

cell phone question...

ok, this might sound a bit strange, so stay with me here:
i have Sprint PCS service, and one of those old (well, relatively- maybe 2 yrs old) Sprint LG flip-phones. i wasn't even aware that i had text messaging capability until one of my friends texted (is it a verb?) me a week ago.
now about ten minutes ago, my phone beeps to tell me i have a message, i check the "page/text" folder, and the text pops up "When are you going to be done?". I have no idea who this could be from, and that message makes no sense to me. My friend who texted me the first time would've signed her name like she always does.
My phone gives me the option of "extracting" the number, e-mail, or URL, but after I chose each of one those, my phone just says "Extracted", and then allows me to click on "Exit" and takes me back to my main menu.

Does anyone know how I can find out who sent me this message?

(sorry if this sounds paranoid, but thats me)

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