Gâchette (gachette) wrote in thequestionclub,

I live in a nice suburban town in Upstate New York. All the black people I know are nice, and most don't feel like they have to "play the part", if you will. They act like the normal suburban people that they are, and everybody's happy.

Today, I was driving in the inner city for the first time in awhile. The entire time, black guys were yelling at me to get "out of their 'hood" (I'm not joking) and a couple of guys even ran out in the road, stopped in front of my car, and wouldn't move. They kept yelling awful things at me, etc etc etc. They finally got out of the road when they saw a cop coming, so I got out of there safely. But still, I'm a girl and I'm 5'0- I'm totally defenseless.

So, seriously, what's the deal? I'm fully aware of my country's disgusting racist past, but how does that give them any right to be harassing me like that? Why does racism justify racism?

Why can black comedians make fun of white people for hours on end, but if a white comedian made even the slighest generalization about black people, it'd be a hate crime?

Why do they have "African-American Scholarships"? How is that equality? To me, that's like saying "Despite the fact that this student is black, they have excelled in school! WOW!" What's the harm in giving a black kid a normal scholarship like everybody else?

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