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Thank you everyone who answered my last question. ^_^

Now 3 on school (in the US)...

1) I'm wanting to get an actual catalog from a university, but their web site doesn't have a request form for them, just the address to the Office of Admissions. So, seeing as I don't know any specific person this letter would be going to, how should I begin it? Should I go the "Dear _____" route? Or skip right into the asking for a catalog. Business letters were never my strong point.

2) Almost every school I look at (regardless of type) have some classes that I never took in their list of classes that you had to have taken in high school in order to be accepted. They weren't required for graduation back then & nobody at my high school really seemed to care if anyone took them or not. So, I guess my question would be.... Has anyone been in a similar situation and/or have any suggestions?

3) I already feel like I'm going to stick out like a sore thumb, so is anyone else an "adult" student (25+)... and are there any academic/financial advantages to being older? I've seen some catalogs mention about being 25 & over, but they don't go into any detail. I have no one to support but my own lazy self, so there's no children/family issues.

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