Arin Wolfe (arinwolfe) wrote in thequestionclub,
Arin Wolfe

word procesors

there is a large chance I'm going to be sending in my beloved lappy( a macbookpro that unfortunately fell ) for some repairs ( the button on the track-pad has been VERY hyper sensitive, if i put my hands near it while typing it will act up) It got me thinking about two things 1) backups and 2) non computer word processors

So my questions:

1. I've had bad luck with my backup hard drives what do you recommend i buy as my next back up ( i have probably 300gigs to back up)
2. anyone have any experience with RAID arrays?
3. In Ye Olde High School Days, i had an alphasmart but i haven't used one in well over a decade. So I would like to invest in something akin but the alphasmart line is the only one i've seen
a) is there anything better on the market? my google skills must suck, i've not found anything else.
b) has anyone had any experience with Danas or Neos?
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