christine (cme2694) wrote in thequestionclub,

1. My husband and I went grocery shopping today. Kellogg's cereals were buy-one-get-one-free. I bought two different cereals, thinking that I'd get the cheaper one free. Looking over my receipt after we got home, I see that I didn't. Can I go back in with my receipt and ask to get two more boxes of cereal (the same as the ones I bought) free, since nowhere in the store or ads did it say 'Buy one and get exactly the same one free'?

2. At my brother's graduation on Saturday, there were two or three kids who's parent gave them their diploma rather than the principal. One parent was a teacher there, so that was sort of understandable. The other parent came up to the stage from the audience. While the principal did say 'Suzy Jones will receive her diploma from her mother' they didn't mention why. We thought maybe the mom also graduated from the school, but wouldn't they have said 'from her mother, Class of 1985' or something like that? Have you ever heard of that happening? What other reason do you think that the mom would be giving the kid the diploma?
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