Dayna (zsolarstar) wrote in thequestionclub,

Sorry to post another question again so soon, but I just thought of this dilemma. My SO is probably only about an inch taller than I am. We haven't yet been out to a super-fancy affair that required me wearing heels, so I haven't really considered the circumstances. I'm rather old fashioned in that I would prefer not to be towering over him in heels.

Do you know any places where I can get SUPER CHEAP, low-heeled shoes? I'm definitely not a flats kind of girl and have negative experience in shoe shopping. Ordering online would be best! Does anyone else have this kind of issue? Before I get any crazy hate messages, I'm not saying this is by any means a "problem." I wouldn't change a thing about him =) 

I just don't wanna feel like gigantizor at a friend's wedding or something.
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