Rachel (teddybear115) wrote in thequestionclub,

To the males:

I have asked this to all of the males that I know and they cant explain it. Maybe you are all smarter then them (you all are even if you dont know why) since they arent the smartest group in the bunch.

why/how can guys always know where a girls nipples are!

It doesnt seem to matter how often a guy sees them or how little, as long as he sees them once he will always remember. Ex bfs of mine from 5 yrs ago can still nipple pinch me when I ask them where they are. one night stands from 5 yrs ago can do it as well.

Obviously none of these men do it without me asking but still...they know where they are and some have only seen them once many years ago! I dont get it.

(remembered by a previous post here)

ETA: Not all girls nipples are in the same place. Im not asking about the aerola (i cant spell) Im talking about the actual nipple. Most girls have nipples in around the same area but different enough to make it difficult, i would think,to find without her being bare chested. Some are more upwards, some are down. heck one nipple can be upwards and the other down. It changes with every girl. Heck I cant even find my gfs nipples if her shirt is on (through a bra yes). Proof? Go to Vaginapagina and check out the "real womans body" section on boobs. youll see they arent all in the same place

here boobies. NSFW. Nipples around the same area but not the same. Different enough to make it hard for someone to know EXACTLY where they are with a shirt on.
I believe its unlocked
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