philychez (philychez) wrote in thequestionclub,

Excel question!

OK, hopefully there's someone out there who's worked with Excel enough to answer my question. I think of myself as proficient with it, but this one is pissing me off.

This doesn't happen in all files that I work with, but sometimes when I try to type in a cell it automatically assumes I'm trying to write a function and when I hit "Enter" or "Tab" it puts in a leading "=" and gives me an error message.

For example:
typing the string "9:30 at Joe's" gives an error message because it assumes I want "=9:30 at Joe's" that I want a range from 9 to 30.

Anyone know how to turn that off? I hate having to type a ' before EVERYTHING I type that starts with a time (which is quite frequent).

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