confessions of a bathrobe werewolf (die_monster) wrote in thequestionclub,
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1. What do you think of keeping reptiles as pets? Do any of you actually have a herp? Pics?

2. Do you like BPAL or any of the other in-vogue e-company smellies?

3. Do you have any home remedies for headaches or nausea that you swear by?

1. I want to! I'm researching corn snakes in anticipation of the day I can afford one. The risks of salmonella freak me out though, I'm emetophobic as all hell.
2. I like BPAL stuff, but it's hella expensive. I'd like to try some other stuff like Lush and Villainess when I can afford it. I can't believe BPAL has its own rabid-crazy fandom though. I guess anything on the internet eventually develops one.
3. I'm going to go drink some mint tea right now :C I woke up feeling like hammered crap. Mint anything is good for nausea, generally.
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