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How can we get LJ\'s attention?

It\'s been 4 days since the DDOS attack, and there is still a MASSIVE number of people who can\'t post or make comments AT ALL. The only reason I can post here is because I am using a proxy. There\'s a section for it in the LJ support page but they all get the same answer, \"We\'re working on it.\" But there hasn\'t really been ANY changes (and yes, I know about the status page and there hasn\'t been an update for 3 days).

Really, this is unacceptable. It\'s not like most of us can POST about the issue either! Many people don\'t even know how to deal with the issue because they make no mention of it on the front page. Even in lj_maintenance, they don\'t direct people on where to go (at least sending info the the support area, although it\'s already flooded with requests for the same issue, I am sure not everyone knows about it).

So, TQC do you have any suggestion on how to put the pressure on LJ to at LEAST give us answers rather than just apologizing?

And by the way, I apologize if this post somehow comes out weird. You can thank the proxy for that -_-
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