pixelated (funk_odyssey) wrote in thequestionclub,

A few unrelated questions

1) This is the first time I have ever signed a lease for an apartment. My lease is ending in early July and I am interested in extending it. Is now the right time to contact my agent? I have been trying contacting my agent but still unable to reach him. And while I find plenty of information in contract but terminating the lease, there is nothing on extending one.

2) I have to write an arts grant for one of my assignments. While I find many tips on how to write an arts grant online (through Google and my tutor links), I am more interested in knowing how to actually write one. Does anybody have any idea where I can find a sample for reference on the structure and language used in writing an arts grant? I also manage to find templates for grants and proposal but nothing tailored for the arts unfortunately.

3) I am doing a horror animation for a graduation project. My friend is writing a score for me and I am wondering if anybody have any recommendations for good horror music. I tried doing a search on Google and kazaa but I am not really looking for rock/metal/grunge or cheesy halloween ecards type of music but something more moody/atmospheric and well thought out. (ok, i know I am vague) My friend is classically trained and majoring in sound and she has accessed to a good music editing program so I hope to use make use of that.

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