Tray Dawg (bellapalmera) wrote in thequestionclub,
Tray Dawg

Paging Dr. Eljay.....

OK, I said I'd post my temperature after a while so... at the time I made this post, it was 103.2! So most of you would have sent me straight to the doctor. About an hour later it was 100.5, and now it is back to normal.


How high does a fever have to be before seeking some sort of medical attention? I really can't anyway, I just want to know how sick I am. I'll edit this later to tell you how warm I am as a gauge to what you all thought.

Also, how often do you check your temperature when you have a fever? My dad told me to do it every 4 hours or so. I checked it at 3pm, 7pm, and I was asleep at 11pm but I just checked it like 10 minutes ago.

Lastly, what are your personal tricks to make your fever go away? I know all the obvious stuff like hydrate, sleep, make sure to eat, etc.
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