Gâchette (gachette) wrote in thequestionclub,

I know this is something I need to discuss with some sort of financial planning person, but I'm interested in personal opinions/stories before I go further.

I'll soon be inheriting a nice house in a quiet neighborhood in what is considered to be the nicest, safest town in the county. My grandmother has owned this house for about 50 years; needless to say, it holds immeasurable sentimental value for me.

However, I won't be living in this state (maybe even not this country) for at least four years. I can't imagine selling away so many memories, so I was thinking about renting the house while I'm away. I'm not at all in need of money, but it seems like that would be an easy source of disposable income.

Is there a lot of work involved with being a landlady?

Is this something I will be able to do from far away?

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