junebug80 (junebug80) wrote in thequestionclub,


Is anyone here a dietician who can tell me how to have more energy? I don't care at all about losing weight. I'm a normal body weight. I get 7 - 8 hours of sleep everynight and 10 a night on the weekends but I'm still constantly tired and exhusted all the time. I always feel like I need a nap by the afternoon. There's nothing physically wrong with me so I figure I must need some specific diet change. I eat a lot of meat and potatoes, no green veggies, lots of bread, cheese and pasta. I usually have a bagel or a banana or toast for breakfast. Lunch is usually subway or a sandwich place like Panera. I do like sweet stuff but not candy so much as chocolate chip cookies or ice cream. About once a week, I'll eat greasy food like Pizza or burgers. Energy is a really big problem for me. I never seem to have it even when I'm not doing very much and not stressed at all. So is there some specific diet change I need to get more energy? Any ideas?

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