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Girl who posted about radio jobs a while ago....

I remember someone posting a while ago about where to look for radio jobs etc. I think they were a recent college grad....

Question: Does anyone remember who that person was?

Below the cut is a summer camp counselor position for a summer camp that needs someone to teach kids how to be on air, produce etc. If you know this person, or remember their username would you please pass this along???


(It took me forever to get a job in radio, so I try to lend a hand to people coming up if I can.)

Radio Camp Counselor Position
Camp Echo Lake, located in Warrensburg, NY (about 4 hours north of New York City) is looking for a talented, energetic and kid-loving person to be our radio counselor this summer! We have a small FM radio station that the kids get to broadcast themselves on. You would be teaching them broadcasting skills, DJ skills, voice over, commercials, etc. Camp Echo Lake is a traditional sleep-away camp and therefore you would be living with children in a cabin for 8 weeks. The salary is $2000 and includes food, room, board and laundry. There is one day off per week as well as some nights.

For more information our website is or email or call (518) 623-9635

Peter Shifrin, pshifrin, 5/30/2007 1:21:57 PM,
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