Sabrina (mylittlepeony) wrote in thequestionclub,

Online Accounts, Flickr, and Teeth.

1. Do you pretty much use the same screen name for your online accounts (excluding instances where you have two accounts on the same site)? Why or why not?
2. What about passwords? All the same, or no?
3. If you have different screen names, what are they?
4. Have you ever had to communicate in a professional manner via email, with someone who had a very unprofessional screen name?
5. For you Flickr users: I've searched the FAQ and don't think the following question is exactly answered. If I upload a dozen photos today, and a dozen tomorrow, can I use the "organize" thing to put a couple from tomorrow's batch in front of today's batch? Or do I have to change the date on them in order to place them in front of photos that were uploaded a day before them?
6. Have you ever had your teeth professionally whitened? What was the experience like (during and after, pain, sensitivity, etc)?

1. Pretty much, yeah. It's easier to remember, and easier for people to contact me on another site if need be.
2. All the same.
3. All of mine are gaudiybarca, save for a second account on LJ and my work email, which is my first and middle initial and first six letters of my surname.
4. Nope.
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