Sam (dark_raven87) wrote in thequestionclub,

Question regarding job position...

So I work at a yacht club TQC...and I was just leafing through the newsletter for the yacht club, and it goes like this...

"Julie in accounting, Sam (me) in the office, Brian in the kitchen, John on the waterfront and Rick in the office..."

My question to you, TQC, is that all the names, beside mine, are all managers within the yacht club, including the person writing it. Now, this year -my third year- my boss has given me a lot more respnsibility, including scheduling of the office and snack bar, ordering for the snack bar, training office and snack bar emoplyees, and interviewing/hiring new office employees. He hasn't given me a title or anything, but it seems like I have just kind of assumed the role of office manager/supervisor. From what I read in the newsletter, it seems like I have been lumped in with the managers.

Would I be in any way right to assume that I have gotten the defacto title of supervisor? Not official, just kind of assumed? Any opnions would be appreciated.

In Massachusetts, minimum wage is $7.50. If you had this much responsibility and seniority, what would you ask for pay?
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