sdfsdfsd (ex_lucindrie11) wrote in thequestionclub,


I ordered something on Ebay on May 14th. I got about six emails confirming everything, and it was good. Yesterday (May 29th) I got sick of waiting for it like a good little girl and called the number they had listed in the auction to ask where the hell my item was. They claimed they had "no idea" why it hadn't shipped yet, claimed it was odd, and said they'd ship it out immediately with 3 day shipping for no additional cost.

Yeah, it took them three weeks, but I figured, "Hey, it's no big deal, shit happens. I just didn't want to get hosed totally".

Even though I checked their feedback before I purchased, I checked again to see more recent stuff after I called. Ebay says their positive feedback score is 96.9, and they have 131544 positive feedbacks. A few disgruntled EBayers in scores of thousands doesn't bother me, but I just now noticed that a lot of people have stated that they experienced the same thing I described as above. One person posted yesterday, in fact, with "shipped slow, asked and they finally shipped with 3rd day air at no cost. I'm satisfied."

Should I give them neutral or negative feedback, since it's clear there's something not kosher and others should be aware of that? Or should I just give them good feedback, since they took care of the issue when I finally bugged them about it?

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