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Specifically about the Iraqi war...

Do you believe everything the media tells us about this war? Do you believe that everything that's being reported is the truth? Or do you believe that there's a lot of falsehood or even bias in their reporting? Where do you think that starts (the falsehoods/lying) - with what the government is releasing or with what the newspapers/media actually put out there (as in, who do you think perpetuates the lying more, if you do in fact believe that they're lying or spreading around falsehoods)?

(Sorry if this doesn't make much sense, but I'm having issues with my allergies, making me more drowsy and slower than usual! :)

(Cross-posted to my own LJ)

P.S. - I realize that there's always bias in the media. I'm just asking if you all think that there's MORE bias with this particular topic... :)

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