Gâchette (gachette) wrote in thequestionclub,

Since I've had my car, I've driven past three of those giant speed thingies ("You're going 35"), and all three times, it told me I was going at least five mph slower than what my odometer read.

Which is most likely the wrong one- my odometer, or the speed thingy?

Also, I drive a 4 cylindar Dodge Neon, which you'd think would be easy on gas. However, it seems like I go through gas way too easily.

Is it possible that the gas-ometer (I'm so stupid, sorry) is wrong? When I get a full tank, the needle points waaay past the F, so could the same be true for the opposite- it won't really be empty until the needle is far past the E?

My fuel light has never come on, even when the needle is right on the E line.

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