I Died for Beauty (miseryincminor) wrote in thequestionclub,
I Died for Beauty

I am a person plagued so much by indecision to the point of paralysis. For instance,
1) I'm not happy at my university, but don't have the guts to transfer --> I don't really know where I would go, and I want to graduate on time or even early and am not sure if enough credits would transfer.
2) I'm feeling extremely pressured by my piano teacher, but I feel like if I switched to a less renowned one, I'd be missing out on the opportunity to learn from an amazing teacher.
3) I'm sick of my psychologist - he makes me feel awkward and stares at me and doesn't really help, but I don't want to drop him and be put on the waiting list again.

Should I DO any of those things? Generally, in your experience, is it better to take a risk when your life isn't horrible, but could be better?


Is the Bachelor rigged in some way? Did ABC really pay Andy to choose Tessa, since he signed a contract and has to do whatever they tell him to?
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