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movie question?

My friend needs help finding out the name of a movie. This is what she told me.
And yes there was an attempt at finding out on her own, through google, imdb and the internet movie critic with no luck.

She saw the movie when she was preteen: Hero and Heroine meet as children. Both she thinks are some type of royal/noble. Set in a desert type atmosphere, might be arabian?(but girl is blonde so she doesn't know) and made sometime in the 40's or 50's she thinks. filmed in color. Boy gives girl a grass ring. Their parents are meeting to join their countries/kingdoms thru children's marriage(?) Either way, boys family is betrayed and killed. Boy is smuggled out of castle, palace etc. by loyal servants in a basket strapped to a donkey. Guards check basket by stabbing it, boy gets stabbed but remains unfound. Grows up being raised as a peasant. She is unsure if he is aware of his heritage though. Movie ends with him rescuing the girl-who remembers the boy, but thinks he died?, but still has grass ring which she keeps in a locket.etc. etc. Also gets back his kingdom by killing evil guy who wants to marry girl as well. Only scene that she really remembers is one of the guy washing? or walking out of a pond of water, she thinks he ends up talking to his friend or second-in-command. And the scene of him get pulled out of the basket(after being stabbed)unconscious.
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