a slice of cosmic cheesecake (fiercerose) wrote in thequestionclub,
a slice of cosmic cheesecake

Another hair dye question...

My boss just gave me the green light to dye my hair whatever wacky color I please, so I think I want to do it *bright* red (think Tori-Amos-when-she-was-relevant red, maybe even a little redder than that).

My hair is naturally strawberry blonde, but I've been continually dyeing it light auburn with standard L'oreal type permanent dye. So my question is, are there any brands of brightly-colored hair dye (i.e. Manic Panic) that wouldn't require me to bleach it first to get an intense result? My hair is already kinda frazzled as it is, I don't want to traumatize it any further. And sadly I can't afford to get it done at a salon right now. Tips? Experiences?
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