PolyEMTgirl (polyemtgirl) wrote in thequestionclub,

What do you guys think of older women having children? I just saw on the news that a 60year old just gave birth to twins a few towns over from me, making her the oldest woman in the US to have twins...


I think if you concieve naturally its one thing, but to go about getting IVF to have kids at such an 'old' age is really irresponsible... Especially considering that the average woman in the us lives to be about 80 years old... It really pisses me off that this woman intentionally got pregnant, knowing that she will probably only live another twenty years... Why would you do that, knowing that you will probably be leaving your kids without a parent when they are still so young? I lost my Mom three years ago, while I was in college, and its fucking devastating! I just can not fathom how someone could intentionally do that to a kid... ARGH
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