anticipatedmssg (anticipatedmssg) wrote in thequestionclub,

ok, my b/f's cousin is 12 years old. shes incredibly cute (this coming from someone who hates kids) and an all around good girl--until recently her parents never had problems w/her--her parents trust her so they let her go to a theme park w/ parental supervision though (1st mistake in my opinion..SHES 12!) then they found out she kissed a 16 year old and they're trying to keep them apart but the guy wont leave her alone and she doesnt want him to --
have you ever been in this kind of situation or known somebody that was?? 
she wants the parents to meet him, do you think they should? 
dont you think its weird that a 16 yr old wants to be with a 12 yr old?
do you think he only wants to get in her pants?
how old were you when you lost "it"?

on a completely different note do you swear/cuss/curse?
lets say your a dr. and your hurting a patient (its for their good) if they cuss (not AT you, but at the pain) would you say something to them about it?
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