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Sort of based off the guy/girl question below

This got me to thinking. I am a very 'feminine' girl, I would say. I wear a skirt at least 3 times a week, I don't wear athletic sneakers as clothing, I always do my hair and makeup before I leave the house, even with jeans, make sure my top is what I consider feminine. Love the styles when women wore dresses, men wore slacks and suspenders, and everyone wore something other than a ballcap. Right, right, who cares. Well, my question is this.

1) Why is it assumed that a girl who dresses in a traditionally feminine way cannot be a feminist or a liberal by most people?

I have no idea. I don't want kids, I'm all for equal opportunity, women not staying at home, abortion, etc. I am quite the little liberal feminist. But because I dress like the traditional idea of a woman, I run up against this idea that I cannot be taken seriously among many of my political peers.

To be entirely fair, someone was complaining to me about how I got hit on more than she did one day, and I suggested that men seem to respond better to a little makeup and nicely fitted clothing. It was dumb to say, I imagine, but practical.

In the same vein:

2) Why is it more acceptable for girls to dress masculine, than boys to dress feminine?

3) If your boyfriend used foundation or mascara, would you care?

2) I have no idea, I think they should both be perfectly acceptable.

3) No. I've taught guy frinds and exes how to use foundation/concealer many times.
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