Benny Lava (si_infuria) wrote in thequestionclub,
Benny Lava

My bank just dinged me $20 for insufficient funds. I knew I was close to having $0 after some unexpected drama, so I haven't spent any money and thought everything was cool. Then a debit for $6.44 from effing Arby's from 3 WEEKS ago randomly showed up today.

I know it's my fault for not balancing my account, but jeez. Can they do that? Obviously they can and did, but do I have any recourse?

ETA: Thaaaanks, guys! Y'all are awesome. I called the bank and they agreed that 3 weeks is a bit of a delay for transactions that are supposed to be instant. They credited me the $20 fee and also $6.44 since I've been banking there for a decade and have never been overdrawn before.
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