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My grandma had surgery last Friday. We knew ahead of time that there was a chance that those lumps on her ovary might be cancerous, but when they got in there, they weren't. (even though they were on both ovaries!)

My mom has osteoperosis, and shouldn't drink pop, but occasionally gives in to temptation, and does. She's fairly religious, and she told me she "made a deal" with God that if my grandma was okay, didn't have cancer, she wouldn't drink pop ever again. She also said that when the intern was explaining Grandma's blood loss, he said it was about two thirds of a can of pop, and she took that as a sign as well.

What do you think of people who make such deals/bargains? Do you think it's sort of blasphemous, or a good incentive? I can't decide what I think about it.

And...I may be looking after my Grandma when she comes home later this week. Since she has no internet (gulp!) besides keeping her company, what should I do with myself? I'm looking at a couple of days here.

I have to go to a press deal tomorrow for work where the govenor is going to sign a bill. I have no idea what I should wear. Obviously you all can't see in my closet, but what would YOU wear to such an event?

Based on the purpose of the govenor's visit, anything I should ask him if I get the chance?

And jeez, while I'm at do I adjust to working overnights (10 pm to 7 am) on Friday and Saturday nights?

My week is going to be crazy...
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