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*drumroll please*

9:47 PM 4/22/07 · God is reputed to be all powerful and there's supposedly nothing beyond the scope of Its power. Also, God is supposed to know everything...what's happened and what hasn't happed yet.

From a variety of perspectives, God is supposed to be a very enlightened being.

Yet people seem to have all sorts of notions regarding de Big Guy that would seem to be taking away from It. God's apparently not in favor of abortion, doesn't like homosexuals, isn't in favor of pre·marital sex, the commandment "thou shalt not kill" apparently has instances where it doesn't apply, and I'm sure anyone reading this could probably add a few things to the list. These decisions are held by many even though I don't believe God was consulted on these matters.

For an all loving and forgiving diety it doesn't seem that any of these limitations should apply. Just doesn't seem godly.

Personally, I don't think the righteous (the popular limiters) give God enough credit. God seems to allow other animals to abort their young...after a fashion; lions and wolves will eat their young if they're not born properly. If God didn't like homosexuals then God would probably stop making them...not to mention that lil' fact the righteous like to breeze over about certain animals in same sex environments jumping their own gender to feed the need. As to pre·marital sex...guess God has some limits after all. I think if God meant "thou shalt not kill...unless in the following circumstances" there would've been a notation.

etc. etc. etc.

Why do people insist on placing limitations on God?
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