when i scream there's no reply (pageless) wrote in thequestionclub,
when i scream there's no reply

1- There's a commercial on the radio for a place that claims all of their DIAMOND rings are not in showcases and open for anyone to try on as they please. Are they just asking to get robbed, or is this a clever ploy to catch thieves who are really brazen about what they do?

2- Yesterday my horoscope told me that all my problems are my fault. Today it says that I should ignore everything that is going wrong in my life. What kind of drugs are the horoscope writers taking?

3- I'm currently looking over resumes, and wondering why people are so impersonal on their resumes! Are you? Do people really think that talking like a snob is a good point on their resume?

4- Uhhhh, how are you?
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