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"A woman who identified herself as a customer"

Are his parents responsible for his death?

CANTON, Ohio - An 11-year-old boy whose parents won court approval to treat their son's leukemia with an unconventional method has died after five years of fighting the cancer.

Noah Maxin died Thursday at Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital in Cleveland, said Rinda Schelat of Reed Funeral Home in Canton.

Noah's parents, Greg and Theresa Maxin, won the right in 2002 to abandon chemotherapy treatment for their then-7-year-old son. County child welfare officials had accused the couple of neglect after the Maxins told Akron Children's Hospital they were pulling Noah out of chemotherapy three months into a 3 1/2-year treatment plan.

The couple said they were concerned about the long-term effects chemotherapy would have on Noah, whose cancer had gone into remission.

After researching alternative treatments, they found a doctor specializing in holistic medicine who recommended a healthier diet along with supplements to boost Noah's immune system.

The parents put him back on chemotherapy after the cancer returned four months later.

My question is are the boy's parents responsible for his death, either morally or legally? There are laws in certain states that will have parents put in jail if their abandonment of medical treatment of a child results in harm or death. So if this boy was taken off a program that was working to be put on a program that wasn't as effective that lead to his death, should they be prosecuted? Would it make a difference to you if the boy wanted to change treatment or if he wanted to continue his chemo?

Just curious as the legal issues around things like this are so iffy.

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