rufinia (rufinia) wrote in thequestionclub,

Portable Air Conditioners

I am going to need an air conditioner in my room this summer- it's the top floor of the house and my windows are small and there's no cross-ventilation.

However, given that my windows are small, I don't really want to get a window unit that will block most of the little daylight I get. So I am looking at portable ACs. They are freaking exspensive.

There's another option- an "air cooler" that uses water to cool the air, and those are around $100. Like this:

Has anyone used one? How did it work for you? I see that most people who have reviewed them on Amazon are in dry climates, and I am not (boston. It gets humid). Should I just suck it up and shell out $300+ bucks, or give the coolers a try? (I don't need or want artic temps in my room, just more bearable).
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