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I'm headed to Japan for the first time this summer (yay!) and for a good portion of the time I'm there I'll have a host family (double yay!). I want to bring them something small from home, but I'm terrible at picking presents for people, even for people I've known for years (just ask my parents...). Plus, they have a two-year-old, and I have no idea what sorts of things two-year-olds like. Bringing him a little t-shirt just seems boring, even if the t-shirt is cute. I'm not sure what to get the parents either, really -- I was thinking of one of the many nice coffee-table photo books of my home region, but I kind of want something that would be useful to them as well, not something that will just sit around looking pretty.

So, my dear TQC-ers, what sorts of gifts would you suggest that I bring for my Japanese host family, particularly for their two-year-old son?
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