Kana (ascara) wrote in thequestionclub,

No Subject Here

1.  Where do last names come from? How were they created? And I don't mean the history of them. ( Blah blah blah roman empire, blah blah blah christianity ), I mean where to last names like Ball, Hay, Short, Whacker, and other more strange ones come from?  Were they just mutilated on Ellis Island or something along those lines? 

Speaking of Ellis Island... 

2. Do you think the movie Land Before Time could be used as a analogy for the america immigration ( or is it migration, I could never keep the two straight )

1a. I have no idea. I just know that Peterson, Johnson, ect are based off of the apostles, a Smith .. I think was based off of the profession.

2a. Well obviously I do. A group of dinosaurs ( people ) who wouldn't normally socialize with each other ( different nationalities ) are struck by famine with all of the plants dying off ( one example, the potato famine ) and are being hunted down by sharptooth ( supressive governments ) go off in search of the great valley, where everything is green and there's enough food to feed everyone forever ( America ).  Yes, I think too much. 

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