miss_mobstress (miss_mobstress) wrote in thequestionclub,

Internet access at my work is usually blocked - company email is always available, but when it comes to any other URL, access is "Forbidden." When I would try to type in Google.com or any other URL in the web toolbar, the window would display this big long message about how "Access Denied. This website doesn't relate to the business of Staples. Time and date of attempted access will be logged. If you feel you've reached this message in error please contact your IT department."  Anyway, today at work I clicked a link in an email I received and the link opened up the actual web page with no forbidden message. So I tried Google, and that worked. Then I tried MySpace, and yup, I had access to that also...

What gives?
By allowing access to the internet is my work knowingly setting me up  to get fired for violating their Terms of Use policy? 
Do companies actually do this now?

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