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timon and pumbaa

I used to have this tape with some lame cartoon, and at the end there were 3 episodes of Timon and Pumbaa. Note, not the Lion King versions, but the separate Timon and Pumbaa episodes. I remember one of them was about the Speedy Snail and the french cuisine, another one about Pumbaa's russian uncle Boris.. Anyone knows what I'm talking about?.. I am pretty sure there are more of those episodes, although none of my friends know about them...

So basically I was wondering if anyone heard of it before. Were they aired on TV? If so, when?
Can I buy them on VHS/DVD? eBay maybe?

On a related note, I wanted to buy a few seasons of my favorite TV show. Where should I go? I wouldnt mind buying used copies, because
1) Its not that much of a treasure anyway, not like I'm gonna watch it every day :P
2) All new copies would cost me a fortune.

So.. Is something like eBay an option? I would rather not buy online though (ie. not use a credit card). But if its working out way cheaper then I might consider that. I live in Canada by the way.

Any suggestions whatsoever?..

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