Dandelions Have Deep Roots (potatodragon) wrote in thequestionclub,
Dandelions Have Deep Roots

i was glancing at a book on handwriting analysis the other day and i was wondering how easy it would be to analyze my own since it differs by the day. i make my y's in several different ways, same with g's, a's, m's, w's, etc. they don't always look the same, i don't have any rules. i even sign my name differently sometimes if it's not an important document or banking-related. i never felt like i settled on a signature and i think mine's pretty childish looking. the other month i decided to change the way i made my 4's and i enjoyed doing it, just like back in elementary school when you're first learning how to write. i'm 23 now. does anyone else do this or am i just nutty?

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