Mary (themarinator) wrote in thequestionclub,

Inspired by the post a few down that asked when your first kiss was....

What were the circumstances surrounding your first kiss?

Was it enjoyable?

At our middle school graduation night dance, the DJ announced that he was about to play the absolute last slow song of the night (it was "stairway to heaven.") I gathered my courage and went to ask my crush for the dance. As I walked up to him, another random girl who he didn't particularly know asked him instead.
As I was walking to get my things, a boy who had transferred into our school about 3 months prior to graduation asked me to dance. We talked a bit during the dance, and eventually he asked me this question: "Mary, what if I told you I wanted to make out with you?" This unsurprisingly completely threw me. But I said that 1) i'd probably have to know him better and 2) I was still trying to get over someone else, so that would not be the best of ideas. It was kinda awkward and we kept dancing and not saying anything.
But right as the song ended we just kind of looked at each other and ended up kissing a bit anyway. Then I said "bye" and ran off, feeling horrible for kissing another guy on the last night that I was going to see my crush.

The circumstance sucked, but the kiss itself was very enjoyable. Can't wait to find someone else to do that with.

Edit: Seeing as quite a few people here had some bad first kisses, what advice would you offer to would-be first kissers? (e.g. don't lick her face, don't get your hands stuck in her hair, etc.)
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